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How To Become A Host?


People who want to rent out their property can become a host. And they can list their properties like house, space, apartment, rooms. To become a host and list the property, select the Add Space option in the header and enter your property details and required information for the listing. The hosts have to complete 8 steps to list the property successfully. Add your Space and Become A Host To list the property the host need to choose their home type, room type, accommodates (the host has the option to decide the number of guests can accommodate), and the city.

After entering the details, clicking the continue button will take you to the next step of listing.

The host can add basic information about the space like the number of bedrooms, beds, bathrooms, and bed type. Also, the details from the previous page will also be shown on this page.

Description In the description, the hosts can provide the listing name and the description of the property in multiple languages. Also by clicking “add more details”, they can provide more details like about place, the space is great for, the guests can access the space, overview about the place and etc. The details can also be added in multiple languages. This will be more useful for the guests to know more about the property.


Location The host should mention the location of the property. They can enter the address manually, or they can also pin the exact location on the map.

Amenities To make your listing more clear about the property Bungalulu lets the hosts choose the available common amenities like (TV, Internet, and other features like pets allowed, kids friendly, etc). The hosts can also choose the available safety amenities like (Smoke Detector, first aid kit, safety card, etc).

Photos The host should upload photos of their space so that guests can know more about it. Hosts have the option of uploading multiple images of their rooms. Hosts can also delete the images they've uploaded. Also, they can add highlights about the photo. The host also can arrange the photos by providing serial numbers. Videos The host can include a video of their property to explore more about it. Videos attract a lot of attention and allow guests to get a better view of the location. It can be added by the host by using the YouTube URL. Adding video is an optional feature.

Pricing The hosts can set the basic price for a night. Also, they can choose the currency type. Additional Pricing Options Also, the additional prices can be included like cleaning fee, additional guests, security deposit, and weekend pricing.

Length of Stay Discount The Host can also offer a discount for the longer stays by setting weekly and monthly charges


Booking When creating a listing, the host has two options to book for the property. After completing a listing, the host can choose between "guests book instantly " and "review each booking" as a booking option. If the host selects ”guests book instantly”, the guest can book the property right away without having to put it on hold for a response from the host. If the host chooses the review each booking when listing, the guest may make such a request and wait for the host to accept or deny the request.

Terms The host can choose from three cancellation policies that includes Flexible, Moderate and Strong when adding the listing.

Calendar Hosts can use the calendar to select the dates as available or not available, as well as the host can edit the pricing in the calendar. The host can rewrite dates manually or by choosing and trying to drag dates on the calendar, as well as set/change prices. Import calendar, sync with other calendars, and export calendar are all available in Host. Also, the hosts can include minimum and maximum stay requirements.

Listing Approval The listing is sent to the admin for approval after the host has listed their space. The admin verifies and approves the listing. After that, the listing can be found in the “My Listings" section. Also, the host can the list/unlist option for unlisting their property.


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How do I start?

1. Create your account
Sign up for Bungalulu
2. Create your listing
Follow the instructions above
and complete the 8 steps.
3. Get Paid
Request a payout and get a
direct deposit in your bank account
or paypal account provided.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I share my home on Rent?

    Yes, you can share your home on rent, the minimum requirements are giving a comfortable space to sleep and having access to a bathroom, but of course you can offer much more than that, like a whole house if you want.

  • Who can be a host?

    If you own a real estate property which main purpose is for living, you can be a host. You can also be a host if you are a tenant with an owner authorization to perform that hosting activity. Keep in mind that you always have to seek previous legal advice to make sure about the legal scenario in your area, and to determine whether or not it is applicable to you.  

  • Does Hosts screen Guests?

    Yes they might do it,  but depending on how you have set up your listing you will have the chance to evaluate a guest before accepting the booking.

  • How should I price my listing on Rent?

    As a new host it will be wise to first offer your listing a little cheaper than the price you would expect to get, so then you will have the experience and credibility to adjust your desired price .

  • How do Rent payments work?

    You will get paid by the ammount generated by the booking invoice sent to the guest minus the ammounts discunted to you such as 2.9% Bungalu service fee, plus any taxes and banking commisions or guest refunds if applicable.

  • Does Bungalulu provide any insurance coverage for hosts?

    We do not provide any insurance coverage because Bungalulu is not in the Insurance Bussines, and we are not part of an Insurance Company. Our philosophy is not only based on a healthy an accountable user's community,but also in transparency and honesty. We deny to make offers that we cannot fulfill. Bungalulu is represented by commited people that work hard to define and modify policies on your behalf, with Bungalulu you will find a committed company that will help you promptly with your requests.  We will have you backed whenever you need us.



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