Payments Policies

How will you get paid?

After you have added a payout method you can  request a payout on Bungalulu, you'll get paid through a  direct deposit to your provided bank account, wire, PayPal, Western Union or any other method that we have set up in our platform or by a different one if you need it depending on your location. We will also need your taxpayer information so we will proceed to issue the corresponding tax documentation. 

For your first payment it can take a little longer because we need to send you a test deposit to verify your account and to make sure you are going to get your funds in the right place.

How much money will you get for payment?

That amount depends on whether or not you have added extra charges to the listing, such as cleaning service, extra-guests or weekend price, etc. So what you need to do is multiply your nightly price by the number of days for the stay plus the additional charges, and you will get your estimated amount.  

Keep in mind that the estimated amount you have arrived will suffer the applicable Bungalulu discounts, such as: Bungalulu service fee for hosts of 2.9%, any applicable tax, and also any bank or banking platform commision to send you the payment. You will get a complete statement that will explain all the amounts earned and the discounts applied.  

As a host you also have to be aware that you can get an amount of money different than the one you were expecting to get before, due to extraordinary circumstances like an approved guest refund. 

After you have requested a payout you will get the money in a period of time within 1 to 15 business days after your requested was received, however for your first payout it can take a little longer.

If you have any concern about your payment you can contact us by email at: